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September 28, 2023

The Texas Public Charter School Association recently recapped their successes from the 88th Legislature. Because of the association’s hard work, none of the 19 anti-charter bills filed received a committee hearing. As for wins, TPCSA’s efforts resulted in the Public Education Committee passing their four priority bills.

A large part of TPCSA’s legislative success resulted from outreach from the charter community. Prior to the 88th legislative session, lawmakers had more than 330 total engagements with the charter community. During session, they had more than 200 engagements. Great Hearts families ranked in the top three within the charter community in outreach to lawmakers.

With the impeachment proceedings against the Texas Attorney General complete, lawmakers are expected to convene in Austin in October for a special session focused on school finance. Other topics could include teacher pay, charter school facilities funding, and assessment and accountability.

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