The Headmaster is the learner-in-chief and a model of wonder, goodwill, and intellectual growth. He or she is also the teacher-in-chief and should develop teaching talent through coaching, mentoring, and teaching.

The teachers are the most important daily leaders and shapers of intellectual and ethical culture on our campuses. Every teacher is a role model and must always act and speak as one.

Though every instructional period requires intellectual leadership on the part of the teacher, teacher leadership will look different in 2nd Grade Reading, where significant coaching is required, than in a mature 12th Grade seminar characterized by sustained, free-flowing conversation and complemented by a more subtle form of teacher leadership.

Teachers lead students through intelligence, charisma, humor, moral integrity, and example—in short, through love and friendship, as modeled by Socrates.

The collegiality of the faculty around the shared intellectual and moral ideals of the Academy is the primary indicator of institutional health and sustainability. One way this collegiality is expressed and developed is through guided, common study.