A Great Hearts school has a unified, coherent, and intentional culture. Individual classrooms are not spaces for private cultures that are detached from the community of the school.

Our school culture is a reflective space in which students can study the high culture of the West free from the distractions of pop culture and postmodern media.

In keeping with our belief that habits of personal order cultivate habits of intellectual order, faculty performance is grounded in thoughtful and well-planned lessons, orderly classrooms, timely and meaningful evaluation/correction of student work, Socratic engagement of students, and attentive performance of assigned campus duties.

The nine core virtues that we seek to model and instill in our Lower School students are: humility, integrity, friendship, perseverance, wisdom, courage, responsibility, honesty, and citizenship.

We let the Great Books speak for themselves, and we never assign secondary literature (that is, scholarly treatments of a primary work) to students. The great literature of the past need not be re-narrated through contemporary editions in order to achieve relevancy. Great literature is timeless, and both student and teacher must be drawn up into the text, rather than bringing the text down to them.

We believe that in order for students to become culturally-literate citizens they must share certain specific knowledge based in the study of the humanities, the sciences, and the fine arts.

The most polarizing debates of contemporary politics and culture must be kept out of our faculty offices and classrooms. Our students should not know us as Independents, Republicans, Democrats, agnostics, atheists, or believers; they should see and know us as citizens of the West, united by our love of what we teach and learn together.

A vibrant athletic department, and the competitive aspiration, physical health, and camaraderie of our students is an essential complement to our academic communities.

Sarcasm, bad will, and apathy are toxic to the work of teaching and learning.